Site Updates

Redesigned the Entire Website from Scratch Including the Special Pages Too! Site is now live and no longer still in Maintenance Mode.

Applied a New Style to the Entire Site. I'll adhere to Metro Design Philosophy as much as i can

Main Page Less Sucks

Arrows are back! FUCK YEAH!

Future Plans for Site

Need to Finish all the missing pages section, blogs, about me section, etc and fix redirect links, which are defaulting to the homepage.

I'll add blogs when it comes up in my mind.

Need to Fix the Damn Typos. Fuck my Grammar.

Site needs better design elements, so i will add that to the list as well.

Will add more Arrows ofc.

Much More to come!

Welcome to My Personal Website!

Hello fellow Internet Users! This is the Personal Website of myself (Saran aka SaranSDS008). Here, you can find about myself, The stuff i post, and my occasional Ramblings

I will post more stuff when i have time, and when i can. Please dont judge me on this.

Have an Awesome Day!